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Creative, Unique
designs for your "The Day"

Design to make your greatest impact.

We create attractive layouts like : Standee, Banner, Gift Design, Gift Wrap, Envelope, Stickers, News Bulletin and more other options with theme on your special day.

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Life is full of new beginnings and as you make one together, we take this opportunity to make it lovely surprise for you and your life partner which can be cherished in your memories forever.

Wedding Logo

Logo is an unique identity. Your logo defines your identity. As a professional we believe that a logo is where your brand starts. We create logo with your and your partner's name.

Wedding Invitation

Bring family and friends together for your big day with wedding invitation.
- Traditional Inviation
- Classic Inviation
- Funky Inviation
- Musical Inviation

Wedding Theme Design

We create attractive layouts like : Standee, Banner, Gift Design, Gift Wrap, Envelope, Stickers, News Bulletin and many more options with theme for your special day.

Wedding Website

We create appealing, exclusive designs that highlight your pre - wedding photos, wedding photos and live video of function. Your loved ones can send blessings too.

Our Development process

Think of something unique, usable with suitable but effective transitions and great support. That's the way we do it.

Creative thinking

Sometimes you just need to think out of the box. We provide new ways of displaying your content.

Put it in Action

Creative layouts, easy-to-use, clean and user-friendly code, really easy to customize to fit your needs.

Provide Best Support

Great product must come with great support, don't you think? We are here for you 24/7 so drop us a note.

Are you looking for a Elegant, Unique, Classy, Customized Wedding Theme and Video Invite?


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Beautiful design. I really couldn't wish for more. Really great job guys! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Ankur Maheshwari


Thank you!!!
You have produced a fantastic Website for us that is artistic, elegant and well-designed.

Ruchi Pipara


I have been so pleased with Kings Weds Queens! Creating a logo with them was by far the best decision I could have ever made!

Dixit Jain


PERFECT! You are the absolute best at taking care of your customers! The level of service you have provided me is simply outstanding.



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